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Business opportunities

We look at a number of work at home opportunities you might like to consider if you are planning to launch a home business on your own. Which type of business opportunity is best suited to you? What are your time commitments? What are your expectations ?

Starting a Work at Home Business.

The promotion for work at home business opportunities is ubiquitous. "Fire your Boss" "Earn millions at Home". We have all seen these statements time and time again. There are thousands of these programs on the web and you need to tread very carefully in order to sort the wheat from the chaff. Here we provide you with an honest analysis of what we consider to be the best opportunities on the internet.

The shop sells a wide range of products from Automative accesories to Watches at very competitive prices. With FreeStoreClub and all these business opportunities it is worth upgrading membership to maximise your profits.
Some members make a good living retailing products from their Store. There are basically two ways to approach this.
1. When others shop at your Store, you earn the retail profit.
2. Buy products from your store at wholesale and resale for a profit using any number of methods, including face-to-face selling and the Internet.
To become commission qualified, you must activate at one of the two Premium levels and also successfully invite two new members to Free Store Club. Use the EMM systems provided to all members to make sharing the FSC opportunity with others simple and quick.

Through the 7-Day MLM-U-TURN course that comes with membership you will learn about an entirely new concept called Exact Method Marketing (EMM). One of the points that it makes is that websites do not sell.
EMM will provide you with an entirely different mindset about how to build your online business.
If you have personal contacts that you'd like to share the Free Store Club with, give them the URL to your personal Store site and invite them to sign up for themselves.

Products ordered from the WebStore are covered by the Free Store Club guarantee. If you are not satisfied with any purchase for any reason, simply return it within 30 days of purchase for refund or exchange. Since these products are sold to you at or below the company's actual delivered cost, this guarantee covers only ONE unit of each item. If you are ordering multiple units for resale it is advisable to order a single unit FIRST, to be sure the product is suitable for your purpose, before ordering larger quantities.
FreeStoreClub is a cheap and easy way to sell products on or off the internet as a part-time or full-time business.

Check out FreeStoreClub it's a business opportunity which is highly recommended!!!

SFI is an established on-line business opportunity with a wide range of products to promote and sell like nutritional supplements, e-books, magazines e.t.c.
SFI stands for Six Figure Income and the company has a road map to help you achieve this.

1-Complete the free Smart Start program. Smart Start will walk you through the basics of the SFI program, establish the proper expectations and goals, and set a solid foundation for future success with SFI for you.

2-Get MIQ (multi-income qualified):

To qualify as an MIQ Affiliate, you simply need to generate at least 10 SVP (Sales Volume Points) during the month. This can easily be achieved with just ONE sale to a retail customer, friend, or family member. Sales Volume can also include a personal IAHBE Membership or purchases from (for personal consumption or for resale).

3-Get PTL-qualified! "PTL-qualified" means you are accounting for at least 40 SVP each month, with a minimum of 4 customers (one of which can be yourself).

The easiest way to accomplish this is:

A) Get MIQ yourself.

B) Sell 3 IAHBE memberships. These sales can be from any combination of retail customers or SFI affiliates you've personally referred.

This qualifies you to start your own Personal Powerline (this is where the big money in SFI resides)

Start your own Personal Powerline. Once you're PTL-Qualified, the very next affiliate you refer will automatically start your very own Personal Powerline. They will be at the very top of your new line and subsequent affiliates will automatically fall under him or her.

Now simply focus on adding affiliates to your new line. Growing slowly? That's OK! Just as sure as the sun rises in the east, if you keep adding affiliates, leaders will eventually emerge who will start adding THEIR affiliates to your Personal line.

Six Figure Income our No.1 Business Opportunity
It is our opinion that SFI is definately at the top of the Business Opportunities pile and has the highest possible income generation if you follow and apply their steps to success.
Their outstanding products and training make it easier for you to become successful.

Why don't you check out the SFI opportunity now.






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