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Books and E-books
We look at the top e-books and show you how they can be best used for knowledge and marketing.
We also examine books for webmasters i.e. programming etc

Essential E-books to read.

Books and E-books are the foundation of knowledge. We explain how you can use them both for exactly that and also the best ways to use e-books to promote your site.

Mining Gold on the Internet
Shawn Casey

If you’re tired of money-making systems that require months of hard work, here’s your chance to profit from the "quick cash" secrets of a street-smart Internet millionaire…

If you’ve ever wanted to make big money – maybe even become a millionaire – here’s a foolproof way to make tons of cash online...

Just follow the bulletproof system in my breakthrough step-by-step course, "Mining Gold On the Internet." It’s already made two types of people very rich. Which type are you?

* Do you have a business now? If so, you’ll learn to rocket your income into the stratosphere! For example, Cameron Dunlap of Palm City, Florida, sent out two little e-mails to 1,800 people and generated 63 orders at $99 per sale. His net profit: $6,000 in 7 days.

* If you don’t have a business yet, you’ll learn to create non-stop income without the hassles of customer service, inventory, merchant accounts, refunds, or anything else!

Either way, I guarantee in writing that you’ll pile up $1,000 cash profit in the next 5-15 days. Otherwise, you pay nothing and keep $606 in bonuses. How can I be so confident?

This same step-by-step system made me over $1.1 Million last year. Entrepreneurs who’ve attended my $3,500 private workshops are piling up thousands in profits every week – far more than the $1,000 I’m promising you.

Your Double $1,000 Risk-Free Guarantee
Don't decide now. Instead, order "Mining Gold On The Internet" risk-free for 90 days, claim your $409 Bonus Package, and let me take all the risk. Here's my double guarantee:

1) When you implement my "dummy proof" joint venture technique, you're guaranteed to pile up $1000 cash profit within the next 5-15 days. Otherwise just email me for an immediate 100% refund.

2) Even if you don't get around to implementing this technique right away, you're still protected by my 90 day unconditional money back guarantee. If you're not convinced that my techniques are worth thousands of dollars, or if for ANY reason you're not thrilled with my system, just e-mail me within 90 days for a complete 100% refund. No questions. No hassles.

Either way, the profits you've made, the secrets you've learned and the $409 Special Bonus Package are yours to keep. And since my step-by-step system is delivered as an "e-book," you won't even have to ship it back! That's a guarenteed gain, just for reviewing my dummy-proof step-by-step system.

Mining Gold On The Internet is a must have if you are serious about making money !!!


MakeYourSiteSell e-book
Ken Evoy has written the definitive e-book on internet selling which shows novices and professional sales people how to sell products on the web.

MYSS! 2002 is divided into 4 "content volumes"...

Site-Selling Volume -- Everyone worries about traffic.
But if your site doesn't SELL, you waste all that nice
traffic. Learn how to increase your sales site's Conversion

Product Volume -- everything you need to know about
developing, evaluating, positioning, pricing, and testing
products for the Web.

Store Volume -- covers the process of selling multiple
products online, from ten to a thousand or more SKUs (Stock
Keeping Units). Learn how to design your online store
effectively and to maximize usability.

Traffic Volume -- follows the "what works and what
doesn't" approach to building targeted traffic (especially
in the ever-evolving Search Engine world). It covers all
the online and offline ways to build a steady stream of
motivated buyers to your site.


The book contains thousands of hyperlinks...

links to and from the extensive Index

links to and from the Table of Contents

links to and from the Glossary

links within the content of the book

links to the Web

These links make it easy to get the info you need... FAST!

Sitesell our No:1 e-book.

This is the only e-book you will ever need on selling.

Get your copy NOW!!!






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