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Affiliate Programs
There are lots of affiliate programs out there to choose from. We make it easier to decide by looking in details at many different programs so that you can choose which is the best for your personal and business needs.

Joining Affiliate Programs.

Joining affiliate programs can be a profitable way for your on-line business to make a secondary income or, like some affiliates, there only income source.
Before you even decide to join an affiliate program there are a number of questions which need answering.

First you need to ask which program or programs will be most suitable for promoting on your site. The programs must be related to the content of your site i.e. there is no point joining a affiliate program on a site which sells on-line holidays if your site is about marketing and promotion.

Some more important questions to consider are:

How much does the affiliate program pay for referrals?
Do you opt for the highest paying affiliate program?
Are there supplementary products to promote?

The above three questions are inter-related because you need to find a program which is profitable for your business needs. How much do you want to make per annum? Choose a program which will enable you to meet these goals. This doesn't necessarily mean the program with the highest pay out for a refferal if the program does not have supplementary products to sell. A program with a lot of additional products to sell and promote will lead to a higher yield per annum.

If you join an affiliate program you will need to be trained in selling their products and services so it is very important to find one that has a training program which enables you to easily sell their products on your site.
Another question you must ask yourself is "Is it better to join just one or a few affilate programs or hundreds ?"

There are pro's and cons to both of these aproaches and you will need to decide which one will benefit your site's promotion program and which method is most suitable for your site.
Your search for affiliate programs to join can be eased by looking at a number of sites which review affiliate programs like:



100best Affiliate Programs

Sitesell our No:1 affiliate program.
When we looked at the thousands of different affiliate programs to join there was one which stood head and shoulders above all others.

Sitesell's affiliate program is suited to promoting on almost any site because of their wide range of products.
Sitesells's affiliate for life program allows you to benefit from referrals month's or even years later when a refferal buys a product.
There are many products for referrals to choose from and more are being added.
Sitesell's affiliate training is the best we have seen and they make it very easy for affiliates to sell their products.

JOIN SiteSell NOW! You won't be disappointed.






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